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Description:   Unix and Win32 conversion utilities for the PalmOS flat-file database programs MobileDB, JFile v3.x, List, and "DB" which is hosted here on SourceForge.

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Life Science Community Code on Oracle Let us create a community that bioinformaticists can openly share their code on Oracle platform, such as the code to convert GenBank data (flat file)to tables in Oracle database. The code can be in any language, JAVA, PL/SQL, PERL, etc.

Maximo MIF DEV Tools This is a set of tools designed to help with the development of Maximo 7 Integrations. Instructions are included in the download package. This is still in early development and a couple of components are not developed yet. View Maximo LogTest HTTP Inbound and Outbound ...

My Php Database If u host ur site on a limited resources, and do not have access to any database like mysql gdbm etc. "My Php Database" will give limited database support in php itself using flat file. Should be sufficient for small data like site statistics etc.

Pithcms - Easy flat file cms Flat file cms for personal web projects. WYSIWYG editor, Flat File DB, dynamic menus. No HTML PHP knowledgement are necessary for Standard Users. One-click installation/update. Safe Update. Compatible with Picoflatcms. Click to download pithcms 0.9.x Flat file databaseOne-click installationWYSIWYG editor for news and articlesWeb file ...

Awstats access_log Exporter This simple script will allow you to export your Apache access log from a MySQL database into a flat file for use by Awstats and other programs. Please see the README for more information.

CGI-DB CGI-DB is a database system that manages its own flat-file data tables through a cgi/html interface. It also contains html tag extensions to insert table data into your own web pages. Works great in Windows, Linux, or other *nix.

CLDB A flat file based Database that can be used like gdbm and berkeley as a flat file DB by people who use the DB as a plugin interface in their code. Transaction or recovery should be supported in near future.

Flat File Editor Flat File Editor is useful for viewing large fixed-length files that have a well defined record layout. The record layout can be specified such that different fields (corresponding to column positions within the input file) can be placed anywhere on the

Flat File Generator This tool generates flat files for DB table data or mocked up data.It has provisions to create a fixed width file or a delimited file. this delimiter can be user specifiedFurther you can save all the options as a template file for future use

KSearch Website Search Engine KSearch website search engine, written in Perl, is fully customizable with unlimited page search. Can use DBM or flat-file database. Search results output produce XHTML 1.0 Strict doc types making HTML and CSS easily match your existing website.

PalmOS Currency Converter Adaptation of Henrique Martins Currency converter to PalmOS 5.4.x using exchange rate information from the European Central Bank, OANDA ( and PACIFIC (Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada).

PalmPIC PalmPIC is a Microchip PIC programmer running on PalmOS compatible devices. You can read, write and verify PIC16 series FLASH ROM and EEPROM memory. Complete hardware/software portable solution.

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